Because of the ever evolving form of media and information, the specialization and role of an Information Specialist in a library and virtual library setting has greatly changed over time. Currently, the role of the Information Specialist as defined by Criteria and Indicators of Performance as a person who provides access to information and resources; to assist and guide students and staff as they seek to select and utilize the resources and services; to develop policies for the use of resources; and to provide and accurate and efficient retrieval system for gaining access to information.

It is important to realize that as information and resources evolve with a corresponding exponential parallel, the job of the Information Specialist must out perform that of their predecessor in all aspects. An upgrade if you will. The Information Specialist must remain the guru of the information, but not the sole owner or source. That said, while the Information Specialist is meant to be an expert of information, it is equally as important that an Information Specialist is an expert of resources. With the growing ability to network and connect, the Information Specialist develops the ability to seek out information from all resources and direct seeker of additional information to the proper sources and databases. This function of networking is split into a separate function of the Information Specialist called "The Information Enabler."

The sub-role within the Information Specialist of Information Enabler is defined by Corporate Librarian 2.0: New Core Competencie as the ability to "deploy simpler tools to the end-user, by teaching how to best use them, creating patron ability.... In deploying simpler applications, this requires a basic knowledge of IT and intranet fundamentals – ideas such as network security, routing and server-side applications. Along with this, another core competency is fluency in web development languages in order to better integrate these with the existing intranet and to develop custom tools. This reaches beyond HTML to languages such as ASP.NET and ColdFusion, and even into rich internet applications (RIAs) such as Flash and XAML."
Such a role falls victim to the same evolutionary principles as an Information Specialist in that the Information Enabler must be prepared for, and to change with developing technology and outlets of information.

Additionally, and somewhat clearer, the Information Specialist is defined as someone who is able to use technology to enhance and supplement school resources.

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